Our Guarantee

The purpose of a vehicle wrap is for it to garner the attention of your demographic. It is a tool for marketing, advertising, and branding of a company. At Signco, our guarantee to you is that your vehicle wrap will perform the way it was designed to work. Functionality will take the lead to form and work in tandem with the brand to create leads, presence, and market share. From concept to completion, we want you to be happy with the design and the final product of your wraps.



Fleet identities are a great tool for companies to advertise and create some brand equity. There are some rules you should follow when thinking of creating your fleet identity. Many companies try to pack in all that the services they provide and products they sell. This is one of the most tragic mistakes you can make on your fleet. You are doing you and your company a great disservice. The rules are simple; and if followed, can result in an effective fleet identity that yields results.

1.) Keep it simple One of the most common mistake is the theory that more is better. This is not true when it comes to your fleet design. Your potential customers only have a few seconds in traffic to grasp your brand and your message. If people look at your van or truck and feel overwhelmed when they look at it, if they have to work to understand it, then you have lost them. Your design should follow the brand and color scheme of your company. Along with the standard of the brand, you should have contact information on the vehicle (website, phone number, email, or QR code) and that is it.

2.) Keep it clean This rule is a two part rule. First, the color scheme should be a simple one. It should not have a lot of swooshes or sparkles or a very involved background. Avoid the temptation to use a battle scene from Star Wars as a background. This will add to the confusion and make your message unreadable. Keep your design a clean one.

Secondly, keep your vehicles clean. If you are running around town with a dusty and filthy vehicle, two things happen here. You are projecting an image of “I don’t care” and “I am a slob”. In which case why would someone want to hire you. A dirty vehicle also wears on the life of your wrap or paint job. I know that there are times when it had just rained or you went though a mud puddle. Those are unavoidable circumstances. Your customers know by looking at your vehicle and can tell if it has just came off of a dirt road, or if it has been months since you last washed it. Keep it as clean as possible and you will look like the professional that you are.